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You searched for "Manchester SEO" or "Manchester SEO Consultants" and found us!  
If you landed on this page you most likely did one of the searches above. You found us because we are good at what we do. Google ranks us highly and we can do the same for your business. With our approach we can guarantee page 1 in Google, increase leads and grow your revenue by out outranking your competitors on Google. Don't bother reading the rest of this text, trust me I wouldn't, just go straight to the contact form and put in your details, we are ready to help.

We know ourselves that this website isn't the greatest asthetically, it is here purely to rank, its extremely fast and optimized to rank highly the search engines. This is because of our process driven, proactive and strategic approach, raising website rankings for the search phrases you want to rank for. We are passionate about what we do and are rapidly gaining a reputation in the industry as some of the best SEO's out there.  

Manchester in 2020 is experiencing not only a boost in building development, but also a big jump in technology business growth across the region. We love being a part of that and in return want all Manchester businesses to thrive, especially in these unprecendented times during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Help us to help you achieve all your goals as we all move into an ever changing future. 

We are actually just adding text here because we know that to rank highly you need to have a minimum number of words on the page. We do this by comparing the other sites on page 1 and working out the optimal number based on what the others on page 1 do. This and the % of text that is the 'keyword phrase' you want to rank for are of the upmost importance to how google calculates your relevance. We can do all this and more for you!! I think we have enough text now :-)

Manchester SEO Services


SEO Consultancy 

Search Engine Optimization

Based in Stockport, we at Manchester SEO We are specialist SEO analysts and consultants. We specialise in business search engine optimization and for us it is all about people and designing a strategy to suit you and your objectives. You are the experts in your business and we make sure we learn all we can about your business to help us put togther a relevant strategy for you, so that we are targeting search terms and products that will increase leads, sales and revenue for you. Contact us for a free consultation


Easy SEO Reports

Top 10 Optimization Report 

Want to understand what you need to do to reach the top of Google Rankings? We provide an independant reports for individuals, Small Businesses, Corporates and SEO companies to get their websites to No.1 rank of Google. The report compares your site against the top 10 sites in google for the search term you want to rank for. We then give a guide as to what you need to do to optimize your site meta data, content, backlinks, social to rank on the 1st page of google. We will be adding a case study to show how powerful this report is. Wait and see  


Website Design

Full Website Design

Need a website or looking to refresh your current website then give us a call. Covering everything from self-employed clients larger businesses. We build our websites with some incorporated SEO to get you started. With no templates, no Deposits and no ongoing monthly fees. We have created ecommerce, recruitment and listing sites for our clients and will be putting up examples of them and their SEO performance as we go on as a business towards the end of 2020. 



An SEO business established on the principles of high-level consultancy. With nearly 20yrs consultancy experience in multiple industries ranging from Recruitment, Health, Pharmaceutical and Fuel Retail, there is one skill that stands out from the rest and that is, "get to know your client" understand their challenges, industry and future objectives.

With this in mind we set up Manchester SEO to bring together high-level consultancy practices and practical search engine optimization techniques to deliver measurable results that make a difference to your business. 

If like me you have previously used an SEO agency or consultant and was charged a lot of money for no visible result, then give Manchester SEO a call..










Search Engine Optimization

Improve organic ranking and increase organic traffic. We uniquely combine social media and tradtional search engine optimization to improve your rankings on search engines like google and bing. We combine the google suite of products, optimizating every aspect of the work we do and the combined effect is extraordinarily powerful.

Despite what google says to our face evidence has recently emerged that social media does effect page ranking on google. We look to optimize your business social media to boost your SEO strength in your market. 

More and more companies are realising just how important social media is for SEO online, with a survey of over 3000 businesses by Ignite Visibility and Clutch demonstrating just this. Almost all surveyed businesses said that they invest in social media as well as SEO (94%), and 20% cited social media as their main SEO priority for 2020 onwards. SEO and social media strategies really do now go hand in hand.

Hootsuite's recent research backs this up. We too have found this to be the case and utilise this to our and our clients benefit. 

Recruitment Website optimization is an area of SEO that we have a particular interest in. Its an incredibly competitive niche on google, but there are area's that can be exploited to gain large amounts of traffic. Our keyword research, content creation and link building strategies are specially designed to get the most out of the traffic that is most relevant to you niche.

The recruitment industry is full of challenges for SEO's and agencies, from huge job aggregation sites like Indeed, jooble, allthetopbananas to niche sites that have been leaders in the industry for 20years with hundreds of thousands backlinks like The good thing is that these larger sites do leave opportunites for the smaller recruitment agenies/businesses out there to take advantage of. We also help agencies build their online profile so that they can build their own internal candidate lists so that they build relationships and ultimately speed up the time it takes to fill their roles, WIN-WIN   

How does Google's Search Optimization Engine work?


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