Is investing in SEO a waste of money

Why Maintaining your High Google Ranks makes SEO a Long Term Commitment

Why is SEO a Long Term Commitment?

Here at Manchester SEO one of the most common questions we get asked is why is SEO not a one time project? Why do we keep paying for it?

In this article we analyze why it is that when you stop working on your website optimization your website starts to move down the ranks. Why your current rank is not a permanent rank.

Below are the main reasons why SEO is a continuous process and not just a one time project.

1. Your Competitors Might have Improved their SEO

Your competitors by definition are selling the same products and services which you are. They are also after the same audience you have.

Without an ongoing search engine optimization strategy, your competitors could easily take your audience and will leave you behind.

Once your rank drops, your website traffic reduces and your customer base potentially starts to shrink.

Google search algorithm

2. Search Engines Constantly adjust their Algorithms

According to reports Google updates its search algorithm nearly 500 to 600 times during a year?

Without an ongoing search engine optimization strategy, these updates might can affect your online presence.

An ongoing SEO strategy helps you to adapt and counteract the changes in the search engine algorithm. Hence, going for a long lasting SEO campaign will establish and maintain an online position in the fluctuating search engine results pages.

3. User Search Behaviours Evolve

You are probably thinking how a change in search behavior could be a reason.

It is quite simple. Over the time search habits of search engine users tend to change. Due to which the keywords they use to reach a particular product, service, content, website, etc. also changes. Keywords which were bringing a huge traffic last month may not bring sufficient traffic this month. A good ongoing SEO strategy includes keeping an eye on changing keywords and incorporating the new keywords in your website.

4. The Marketplace Is Continuously Changing

Technology is changing rapidly, every week new products and services are released to the market, which can cause users to change keywords or to use a new set of keywords. The keywords which are working extremely well today may not be as relevant or effective tomorrow.

Why does Continuous SEO Activity Maintain Your Page Rank

Maintaining your page rank will bring stability in your business, and ensures a gradual business growth. A study revealed that the businesses which discontinued their SEO campaign noticed a 30% drop in their ranking. On the other hand, the businesses which continued with their SEO campaign found an 18% hike in their ranking. A discontinuous SEO will result in fluctuating search engine ranking. And a business with fluctuating position in search engine results page has low credibility.

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